Far Cry® 4

Far Cry® 4
By: Ubisoft Montreal, Red Storm, Shanghai, Toronto, Kiev, Ubisoft
Hidden in the towering Himalayas lies Kyrat, a country steeped in tradition and violence. You are Ajay Ghale. Traveling to Kyrat to fulfill your mother’s dying wish, you find yourself caught up in a civil war to overthrow the oppressive regime of dictator Pagan Min.

How much money did Far Cry® 4 make?

We estimate that Far Cry® 4 made $64,673,135.10in gross revenue since its release. Out of this, the developer had an estimated net revenue of $19,078,574.85. Refer to the revenue table for a full breakdown of these numbers.
Gross Revenue
Adj. Regional Pricing
Steam Cut
VAT / Sales Tax
Net Revenue